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  • Opening July 19

    Claire Scherzinger

    A World Made Fresh
  • Opening July 19 | Curated by Rémi Thériault


    Neeko Paluzzi, Magida El-Kassis, Melle Harris, Gary Franks, Xiatong Cai
  • Leslie Hossack

    New work from the INFERNO series
  • Barry Ace

  • 2023 Karsh Award Laureate

    Christine Fitzgerald

    As part of the exhibition "Requiem" at Galerie Karsh-Masson
  • Introducing

    Colin Muir Dorward

    Award winning painter and sculptor
  • Introducing

    Sarah Tompkins

    The next generation of abstraction
  • New Ownership

    Brendan A. de Montigny (formerly of PDA Projects) is the new director and owner.

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