Studio Sixty Six
Land & Memory | January 11

Land & Memory : Leslie HossackChristine Fitzgerald,  Manon Labrosse, Troy Moth, Patrice Stanley and Rémi Thériault 

Opening Reception: Friday, January 11th, 2019, 6pm-9pm
Show Runs: January 11 - March 3
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street unit 101
Please join us for the opening reception of Land & Memory.

Contemporary landscape photography and paintings, from the political to the poetical.
Our first show features artists who are motivated to recreate, capture and document land and place in their artwork; inspired by actual time spent in different physical locations and by their memories of them. Works in this exhibition depict the sublime beauty of our earthly views or document man’s effects on the environment while expressing their deep love and concerns for the future of our precious lands and waters.

Patrice Stanley, Muir & Adhar