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PAMELA LESZCZYNSKI | Compound | March 26 - 27

Pop-up exhibition in collaboration with Studio Sixty Six and Artspace613: featuring installation by emerging artist Pamela Leszczynski.

The idea behind @artspace613 is to claim more space for artists in Ottawa one unusual venue at a time! This first show is taking place in unused storage units inside Just Right Self Storage Ottawa.


"Humans are fascinated by their surroundings and how all life is interconnected and weaved together into millions of unknown combinations. We strive to understand it, to manipulate it, and eventually, to recreate it in perfection. However, the materials we use to attempt to assimilate nature are artificial and manipulated, such that we may come to control every step in the process. Because of this, our recreations will always be flawed.

Compound is another means of assimilation, presenting both as a performative and installation piece. Suspending heavy geometric metal pieces, the interconnection of strings results in an allusion of weightlessness, presenting the viewer with connections and components in the harsh medium of industrial quality materials. In a sense, the viewer sees my own visual representation of the complexity that can be found throughout nature, present in the unique form Compound takes each time it is installed."



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