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After the Fact | Tony Fouhse | September 21st -28th

After the Fact | Tony Fouhse | September 21st -28th

Please join us for the opening reception of After the Fact, a photo exhibition and photo-book, launched by Tony Fouhse

Opening reception: Friday, September 21, 6-9pm
Running: Sept 21 - Sept 28                                              

After the Fact
 combines portraits, tableaux and landscapes into an open-ended narrative arc, one that evokes the feelings of anxiety that lurk behind the facade of the everyday. It points to the regression that’s in the air, to our increasing uncertainty and fear and to the changing political and physical climates that we find ourselves in these days.

The people, places and things depicted are all real, in the sense that they existed in front of my lens. But the work isn’t about those specific locations or demographics. The photographs in After the Fact aren’t really facts at all, they’re slices of time and space that have been recontextualized in order to point to a possibility. In other words, this project is a work of fiction.

Opening reception will be on September 21st, from 6 to 9pm - after our weekly Friday Socials