Studio Sixty Six
IN DETAIL: Amy Barker, Kristina Corre and Kathryn Shriver July 12th - August 12th

IN DETAIL will run from July 12th to August 12th 

With enkindling simplicity, IN DETAIL awakens ideas seeded with rich and symbolic visual language as well as conceptual concerns. Line and composition manifest muted power. The works of art from IN DETAIL both expose and claim a sense of vulnerability. Emotionality asserts itself in many ways, thus resisting being subsumed into a single narrative. The works of art demand we address their specificities. Together, IN DETAIL speaks to the communal history of sewing and needlework as well as the social and artistic significance of work that was traditionally performed by women:

Kathryn Shrivers handmade beadwork strings together beads in a beautiful yet also disquieting exploration of cultural creativity.       

Amy Barker’s figurative images feature garments stitched by the hands of women in her life.

Kristina Corre threads her compelling collage elements into her uncluttered compositions.   


Amy Barker, Extend



Kristina Corre, The Slow reveal   


Kathryn Shriver, Necklace