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The Three Graces, Lori Brethour Coulter, FEMININE REDUX: June 14 - July 8

FEMININE REDUX: Lori Brethour Coulter & Ruth Steinberg

Opening Reception: Friday June 15th, 6 to 9 pm

Runs : June 14th - July 8th

Ruth Steinberg is an Ottawa based photographer specializing in portraiture and fine art photography. She holds a BFA from the University of Manitoba and graduated from the two year Portfolio Program at the School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa (SPAO). 

"The artists that first inspired me -- Walker Evans, Dorothea Lange, Mary Ellen Mark, Diane Arbus, Sebastiao Salgado -- still influence me today. What I have learned from their images is to see the grace and dignity in all beings and to bring this consciousness to my own work." - R.S

Originally from Toronto Lori Brethour Coulter has been involved in mixed media art making for over 30 years. Having her worked in various private collections in Canada, France, United States and the UK, her work has been exhibited at venues in Ottawa such as Atrium Gallery, Canadian Museum of Nature, The National Arts Centre, Library Archives Canada, Dale Smith Gallery, Gallery four seven nine, Gallery 200, Ottawa Art Gallery fund raiser and Alpha Gallery. Lori has also run an artist coop, and been a resident artist at the School of Dance in Ottawa.

"I have engaged in art to explore the duality of human experience, looking at themes of longing and loss, strength and fragility, loneliness and inclusivity. My work is a bow to women's creativity that has historically been neglected, delegated to a booth at the country fair." -L.C.

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