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Here's a Place to Start | Andrew Morrow

Here's a Place to Start | Andrew Morrow

November 26, 2021 to January 29, 2022
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Here’s A Place to Start, Andrew Morrow’s first solo exhibition with Studio Sixty Six, marks a shift away from Western historical narrative painting towards intimate, personal, and socially-motivated figurative works. Drawing from theorists and philosophers Elizabeth Povinelli, Georg Hegel, Édouard Glissant and Hannah Arendt, Morrow proposes a material painting practice grounded in notions of friendship and rooted in mutual recognition, opacity, stewardship, transparency, and appearance. Developed principally from what Morrow calls “studio sessions” (provisional spaces of mutual and consensual sovereignty) the paintings in this exhibition act as public indexes of the artist’s private and personal exchanges.

The acrylic, oil, and found latex paintings in Here’s A Place to Start, range from small works on paper to large paintings on canvas. The artworks are unified through a palette of pastel pinks, blues, and yellows adapted from the latex paint remnants from Morrow’s childrens’ bedrooms. The exhibition is centered on a large, polyphonic lattice of figures and fragmented interiors painted during individual studio sessions, coming together in a flattened illusory space. In Here’s A Place to Start, Morrow invites plurality and interconnection into the often isolated and centralized practice of painting. Through this, Morrow inverts the dynamics of painter as non-participating actor and sitter as passive object to create spaces and placeholders for genuine and transformational exchange.