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Ledger, 23..03..18

Ledger, 23..03..18

Opening Online Reception: Friday, October 9, 6 pm
Show Runs: October 9 - November 8
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street unit 101

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Consider waking one morning without any sense of voice, language, structure, that all you have known is swallowed in a cloud of silenced unknowing. I have only genuinely realized this once in my life, remembering little of its immediate texture. I have however by cause always enjoyed not just the meaning of language and words, but its, their texture, tone as in music, perhaps an appreciation for implied passage, a realization, an awareness of intuitive knowing. I can only imagine now from many years distance the void, that [silence] would encourage.

An “I”s, eye’s perception without coherency yet a quiet urgency to construct.
Ledger: 23..03..18, is a sequence of images from the Consolidated Fund Ledger: Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and N.W.T, Department of Indian Affairs, 1910-1911, dated the 23rd of March, 2018.

Having experienced serious damage, this ledger, a regional catalogue, registering transactions for reference and historical record was submitted to Library and Archives, Canada, in 2017, for repair. Impressed by the conservation laboratory’s comprehensive efforts to maintain and to repair its condition, I became fascinated not only with the contents of the book, but its metaphorical qualities manifested by the nature of the repairs. As photographing this book progressed, I became increasingly aware that this book was a stand in for the loss and fragility of the human relationship.

I take this opportunity to thank Manise Marston, Head Conservator, Books, Digital Operations and Preservation Branch Library and Archives Canada and to all those involved for providing access to their conservation laboratory/centre. And to Carrie Colton, Studio Sixty Six, I am deeply appreciative of your support.