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Harmony of the Spheres

Harmony of the Spheres

Instagram Live Reception: Friday, August 21, 6 pm
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street unit 101

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With Harmony of the Spheres, Paluzzi continues his interest in merging musical tones with photographic tones. Paluzzi' draws on the (previously) long-held belief that the visible planets (including the Moon) moved through space while emitting a musical hum. Although there have been countless variations of this idea found in many cultures throughout history, Paluzzi focuses on the theories of Johannes Kepler in his book Harmonice Mundi (1619). Within the text, Kepler sets out to explain that each planet sings a series of notes in his/her own “voice.” Paluzzi has turned those musical notes into movements in the darkroom, as seen in his other musical works This place is a shelter (2018) and The Goldberg Variations (2019).