Studio Sixty Six
Passages | July 24 - August 16

Cities are an expression of the human race. Cities and people are systems that continually interact with each other. How does the city, the built environment, affect how we think, feel and behave?

With that question in mind, I spent October 2019 in Montreal on a self-directed residency. I narrowed in on people moving through the city, in public places, particularly in the Metro system. This is where I best observed the interplay between people and spaces as they navigated their days, at once individually and collectively. It also tied into my abiding interest in transition, in liminal states, and in temporality. People and cities are in continual states of flux.

Post residency, I began to investigate the concept of embodied cognition, which refers to how we perceive the world around us with all our senses, as well as through movement, and how we process that information, both consciously and nonconsciously. This concept resonated with me and informed a way to express what I had perceived and felt as I absorbed the city.

In parallel, this work explores interiority through the notions of light and shadow, movement, transition, passages, thresholds, openings, divisions, screens, recesses and so on. I am interested in how our interior life affects our perceptions of the world and vice versa.

Working with a combination of analog and digital processes, I make ink drawings on sheets of polyester film and digitally combine these with photographic images. This effectively adds a layer of light and shadow, texture and pattern with the goal of integrated, expressive and intensified images.

I then produce monoprints by manually transferring laser prints of the images to matte translucent polyester film, using an acrylic medium transfer process. The result is transparent images on translucent film. I enjoy the push and pull between control of the process and surrender to the imperfections - tears, scratches, finger marks, unevenness - that inevitably happen. These marks are integral to the work and, combined with the transparency of the work, contribute to an ephemeral, not-quite-solid, timeworn feel.

Passages | July 24 - August 16