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Judy Nakagawa, Rush to the Heart


Opening Reception: Friday, February 14, 6-8pmShow Runs: February 14 - March 15Location: Studio Sixty Six, 858 Bank Street unit 101 En Masse combines the work of artists Yvonne Wiegers and Judy Nakagawa, working with overlapping themes of memory and proliferations, through distinct yet harmonious ...
BALANCING ACT : Troy Moth | Yvonne Wiegers | April 13th

BALANCING ACT : Troy Moth | Yvonne Wiegers | April 13th

Please join us for our inaugural exhibition, Balancing Act featuring Troy Moth + Yvonne Wiegers at our new location, 858 Bank St., Suite 102, April 13th from 6 to 9 pm! Troy Moth and Yvonne Wiegers are artists whose works center around the instability of the world and its' environment; paired in...