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The East Coast Series | Guillermo Trejo

The East Coast Series | Guillermo Trejo

May 6 to July 2, 2022
Public Reception: May 13, 2022, 5 pm to 7 pm

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Studio Sixty Six is proud to present Guillermo Trejo’s new series of prints for his solo exhibition The East Coast Series. To celebrate his new series and the opening of the exhibition we will be hosting a public, in-person reception (face masks required) on May 13th from 5 pm to 7 pm.

I find that my approach to image making is defined by the process of printmaking; a consequence of the many years working with and teaching the medium. I contemplate that my process is not only a means for individual creation, but rather a collaborative endeavor. My collaborator, in this case, is a machine— the printing press. After years of operating the press I have gained mastery over and understand how it behaves. The results of a print depends on the behaviour of the press. From the dimensions of the print to the tonal quality of the inks, the press impacts the creative process. So why not think of this process as a collaboration?

For this series, I worked only with materials found in the print studio: old inks, old plates, and the legendary oversized press of St Michael print studio. As I worked, I realized I was engaging with improvisation similar to the jazz compositions I was listening to. My studio jamming produced images that  evolved organically without set plans or rules, just responses to my materials and recorded by the press.

The East Coast Series, produced at the Saint Michael Print Studio in St Johns, Newfoundland, responds to my previous series, the West Coast Series produced in Vancouver. Their parallel titles are based on the idea of a jazz ensemble and improvisation.

To schedule a private interview with the artist and or a preview of the exhibition please contact Gallery Director, Carrie Colton at (613) 355-0359 or email

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Guillermo Trejo's The East Coast Series on display at Studio Sixty Six until July 2. By Sonya Gankina