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Ottawa Citizen

Posted on January 08, 2015

U of O Art Grads Shine
Peter Simpson

Surfacing, an exhibition of work by fresh-minted graduates of the fine arts program at the University of Ottawa, is new work by new artists in a new space, the recently opened gallery Studio Sixty Six in the Glebe.

There’s no telling yet which of the young artists will survive in the art world, as early signs of greatness can fade away just as easily as an early lack of spark can later burn brightly. As exhibition curator Michael Orsini says, “the art world is cruel.” All a recent arts grad can do is to work hard and keep learning — always learning, forever.

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Good Things Ottawa

Posted on January 07, 2015

PUSH: The New Printmakers

Our mandate is to show emerging artists within the 1st 10 years of their exhibition careers who are on a serious professional art producing path. 

What inspires me are artists that have these qualities: emotional resilience, tenacity, determination, discipline, passion, vision - combined with talent, which is very rare, but has come together in spades through Guillermo’s curated show PUSH: The New Printmakers!

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Girl About Town

Posted on January 06, 2015

Art at Home with Carrie Colton
Katharine Cornfield

Graphic designer, interior decorator, and accomplished painter Carrie Colton is passionate about the power of art to transform personal spaces.

Free of pretension, she believes art doesn’t have to be expensive or ‘important’ to elevate one’s surroundings, it just has to be original. It’s the effort, raw materials, and creative energy of the artist that generates the real impact, she explains. For Carrie, this elusive spirit truly brings a room to life.

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Girl About Town

Posted on January 05, 2015

Art at Home with Carrie Colton

 Awhile ago, I shared a tour of professional designer and fine artist Carrie Colton’s home. You may recall, the space was filled with original art, lovingly accumulated over a lifetime of careful collecting. Her love of art also extends to her professional work, and she has recently opened her own gallery and event space, studiosixtysix. Today – in her own words – Carrie offers even more insight into her very personal philosophy of art at home, along with a closer look at some of her favourite works. I’m sure you’ll find her perspective both refreshing and inspiring. -Ed. 

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