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6 years ago

S66 Blog

A Short Interview with Guillermo Trejo Before learning more about Guillermo Trejo's work at tomorrow's artist talk in...

6 years ago

A Short Interview with Guillermo Trejo 
 Before learning more about Guillermo Trejo's work at tomorrow's artist talk in...

6 years ago

A Short Interview with Guillermo Trejo

Before learning more about Guillermo Trejo’s work at tomorrow’s artist talk in conjunction with his exhibition, “It Is About Plants, Modernism, and Other Things,” we decided to ask him about his start as an artist and his practice in a short interview.

S66: What inspired you to become an artist? How did you get your start?

GT: There was nothing in specific that inspired me to be an artist, it was more the confident from one of my art teachers in high school, Fernando Delgado, he was my first printmaking teacher and he was the one that suggested that I try to apply to art school. I was exited about this because first the [National School of Painting, Sculpture and Etching] was in Mexico City, and second because it seemed to be an interesting school.

The art thing was quite natural for me, I always liked working with my hands and my parents encouraged me in this aspect.

S66: What drew you to printmaking? What is your favorite thing about printmaking?

GT: When I was like 16 I moved from one high school to a new, more alternative school. In this school, they had a printmaking workshop. And as soon as I saw the press I was interested. I did not know anything about it before but at the time it was a fun thing to try.

Everything, from the studio to the smells, I really enjoy been in the studio.

S66: What is your process when you begin a new project?

GT: First I find a topic, that can be triggered by a personal experience or from something that I read, then I discuss it with my wife to see what she thinks and then I think about it more and more, until I am sure about what I will do. I hardly start from no where, usually I plan everything before I start.

I don’t really believe that the concept behind an art work is the most important so that is why I give so much time to the thinking proses.

S66: Is there an artwork in the exhibition that you are most proud of? Why?

GT: The canvas works, because they are so spontaneous and different from what I do but still they look like my work. [ see above ]

S66: If you could have dinner with three artists (living/dead) who would they be? Why?

GT: I have been reading about Hans Richter, a German artist that started with constructivism in the 1920, began working with experimental video, and he continued working until the end of his life in 1976.

In the book that I am reading about him, they talk about a congress of international artists ranging from Dada artists from Switzerland, Constructivists from Rusia, DeStijl artists from the Nederland, and Futurists from Italy. I would like to be invited…

S66: Thanks, Guillermo!

Don’t miss Guillermo Trejo’s artist talk tomorrow night on his current solo exhibition “It Is About Plants, Modernism, and Other Things” at Studio Sixty Six from 5 to 8pm!

For more information about this event, please see our Facebook event:


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