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Art in the Bedroom | Valentines Edition

Art in the Bedroom | Valentines Edition

Selecting artwork for your bedroom is challenging. Your bedroom is your most personal space, and it should reflect your aesthetic and personality. We’ve picked some themes to help you the next time you buy artwork for your bedroom. Just in time for Valentine's day, so these pieces would make the perfect gift, whether it be a lover or for some self love.


This sexy combination adds some spice to your bedroom! Andrew Morrow’s You’re Never Ready, You’re Just Next showcases bodies suggestively entwined together, some inspiration for you and your partner(s) perhaps? Christine Fitzgerald’s Feather adds a tactile feel combining the materiality of traditional photography with the lightness of a tickling feather. Pantieras’ Discreet Encounters and No Talking Necessary address the theme head on, but you don’t really have to be that discreet in your own bedroom, do you? These pieces work together to turn your bedroom into a seductive getaway for Valentines Day or any time of the year.



This fun combination adds a smart pop of colour to your bedroom without getting overwhelmingly bright in your calm space. The orange and white tones in these paintings work together to give positive vibes only! The organic shapes in Alexandra Flood’s Spillage III pair well with the abstracted dream-like landscape of Andrew Morrow’s Ugh. Agh. Oof. Meanwhile, Judy Nakagawa’s wall-hung sculpture lends dimension and texture to this meditative salon composition.


David Gillanders’ Carte Du Ciel series of paintings provide a variety of sequences to create your own calming environment with different colours and patterns to choose from. These constellation-esque paintings are a perfect scale for above your bed, so you can drift off to sleep with impressions of the night sky.


Judy Nakagawa’s Shadowdance is an ideal minimalist artwork to float above your headboard. The gold foil flecks catch the light to add just a little sparkle, while the disks of handmade paper and wire create beautiful shadows on the wall that move throughout the day. Shadowdance is a perfect, peaceful artwork for anyone who wants their bedroom to be an ode to a minimalist sanctuary.


Sometimes it's easiest to decorate with just a single colour. Yvonne Wieger’s Atomic Orb does just that with its purple hues. The oil paint in this piece has opalescent qualities that shift depending on the light and where you’re standing. Even better, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping under a full, luminous moon.

If you have questions about any of these pieces or want help picking out your next bedroom artwork addition, don’t hesitate to reach out! Reach me at

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