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Artist's Statement works from field and stream - 2015 I paint landscapes, specifically my work is about “place”,...

Posted on June 22, 2015
Artist’s Statement

works from field and stream - 2015

I paint landscapes, specifically my work is about “place”, inspired by various locations but abstracted from reality. I paint what I see and what I remember. I am interested in the transcendent power of the land, and seek to convey a subjective yet highly emotional response to nature. I have always been compelled by that distant line that divides the sky from the ground, what one sees depends on the person, it might be spirituality, a fear of the unknown, or the manifestation of a greater power or presence. I paint perhaps wanting to know what lies beyond . The underlining themes in my work deal with mortality and sublimity, distilling fleeting atmospheric conditions on canvas which have the power to move the viewer. I am committed to the medium of oil painting with a specific interest in the sensuous treatment of colour combined with the formal elements of pictorial properties and like the mid-19th century Romantic Landscape painters; J.M.W Turner and Caspar David Friedrich, I’m searching for those same transcendent themes that exemplified their work while trying to bring landscape into a contemporary and universal context.

For more information on Patrice’s work please contact Carrie Colton 613 355 0359


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