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FACE/OFF (AUGUST 5 – 28, 2015): PDA PROJECTS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION Featuring over 30 artists from Ottawa, Toronto, and...

Posted on August 15, 2015


Featuring over 30 artists from Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, FACE/OFF is an exhibition that looks at the contemporary Canadian practices in portraiture and representations of the human form. The exhibition features an eclectic mix of approaches to portraiture, from highly manipulated images, collages, candid photographs, and drawings—each reflecting the particular artist’s style and interests.

PDA Projects’ Gallery Owner and Director, Brendan de Montigny described the show as “a sort of a mashup of low-brow and high-brow, and emerging, mid-career, and established artists. So on one side, you’ll have an artist like Adam Gunn , who is an artist we represent; and he’s smashed up against Tony Sherman , who is one of Canada’s preeminent portrait encaustic artists; and then right next to it, you’ll have someone who has just graduated from OCAD University, like Stella Cade .

FACE/OFF is exhibited in a salon style, and attempts to take the hierarchy and structure out of how we regard emerging, mid-career and established artists. By mixing and exhibiting artists from different stages in their career, we are able to appreciate the similarities and differences in each artists’ work as they “face-off” against each other in the gallery’s space. Inclusivity is an important part of PDA Projects’ exhibitions, de Montigny says that “we have emphasize a wide variety of media and materials being used, but also age, gender, class, religion, and all of these really points that define where Canada is heading and reaffirming that in a really positive way.”

This is definitely keeping in line with PDA Projects’ goals: to bring all kinds of artists and art appreciators together, and to exhibit a wide range of artworks in different media. Artists who have exhibited at Studio Sixty Six in the past, including Guillermo Trejo’s Me at 24 (2010) and Olivia Johnston’s Pregnant Madonna (Gaelyn) (2015) seen below.

Guillermo Trejo, Me at 24, 2010 Olivia Johnston, Pregnant Madonna (Gaelyn), 2015

Be sure to check out this anniversary exhibition at PDA Projects before it closes on August 28, 2015! More information about the exhibition and the artists in FACE/OFF can be found on the gallery’s website

The upcoming year at PDA Projects will certainly be an exciting one! Be sure to keep an eye out for three upcoming events in September, including Coalesce (September 3-6), a new performance art festival curated by Jaclyn Meloche that will feature a performance by Lilly Koltun (who recently exhibited at Studio Sixty Six); the opening of their next exhibition, Inflatable Deities (September 9 - October 3) which will occur during Nuit Blanche Ottawa 2015; and an event for PDA Press.

Happy 1-year anniversary, PDA Projects!

(Article by Danuta Sierhuis)


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