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Gaa-mazinaateseg & Animikiig - Christian Chapman
September 6th - October 7th

Posted on September 04, 2018


André René Roussimoff, 2018.  Mixed media on canvas. 

Running from September 6th until October 7th, Christian Chapman’s Gaa-mazinaateseg & Animikiig features a series of paintings and prints that predominantly focus on the artist’s memories of the times spent with his grandmother, Angelique, with whom he lived throughout his childhood.  Translated from Anishnaabe as “Television and Thunderbirds”, Gaa-mazinaateseg & Animikiig celebrates and critiques the pop culture figures Chapman grew up watching, including André the Giant and Princess Diana, while exploring the teachings and stories that helped shape his identity and artistic practice.  The artworks within Gaa-mazinaateseg & Animikiig are divided into two main themes, with the paintings exploring the cultural impact of televised media through the artist’s lens, and the prints focusing on the stories and oral traditions learned from his grandmother.


Skoden 1, 2018. Screenprint on paper; Edition of 15. 

The winner of the 2016 Premier’s Award for Excellence and the K. M. Hunter Artist Award, Christian Chapman is an Anishnaabe artist from Fort William First Nation. He creates two-dimensional mixed-media artworks that combine elements from printmaking, painting, drawing, and computer-manipulated images, while using storytelling as inspiration for his compositions.  The act of storytelling has played a crucial role throughout his life by informing him of his culture, and by shaping his identity, worldview, and personal experiences. 

Ziibaaska'iganagooday, Jingle Dress Dancer 2 (Known as the Medicine Dress), 2018.  Screenprint on paper. Monoprint.

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