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Letter from Gallery Director

Sight 66 is a new project from Studio Sixty Six. Though it comes from the gallery, we want it to reflect something about the broader community in Ottawa. Thanks to broadening connections between the artistic communities in the city, we’re beginning to see more diversity in the artists and work being represented. So, this blog is a way to connect between what’s happening here in our gallery, with local artists, and the city at large.


Hey Ottawa, it has been 18 months since we opened the doors, and walls, of Studio Sixty Six - and what an exciting and fulfilling 18 months it has been!

A little history: As a founding partner at Exposure Gallery in 2009 along with Sheila Whyte of Thyme and Again, a space dedicated to contemporary art photography that I designed, and curated for the first 2 years of operation - we ‎worked hard to contribute to Wellington West as a shining light in the Ottawa art landscape. Working with the other great galleries and studios in the area, and the local BIA, we initiated the Wellington West Art Walk - a monthly event also known as “1st Thursdays"‎ that is still alive and well today.

In short, I had tasted the excitement and satisfaction of contributing to the burgeoning Ottawa art and gallery scene, and wanted more. After a couple of years I truly missed the fun and satisfaction of engaging with artists and helping Ottawans see, experience and buy some of the amazing work that is being created here. When a larger space came available adjacent to my design studio at 66 Muriel St. in the Glebe I knew right away that I wanted to develop it into a new and unique Ottawa exhibition space, and Studio Sixty Six was born!

‎The decision to focus exclusively on emerging artists has delivered all that we had hoped, and more. It is truly rewarding to provide a showcase for Ottawa’s newest and brightest creators, and to experiment with work that is not shown anywhere else in our city. Most recently, we have been fortunate to secure talented emerging curator and writer Lital Khaikin to assist in curating shows, managing the space, and develop the gallery programs.

In 2014, we featured a series of group shows, tied together by specific mediums - New Painters, New Photographers, and New Printmakers to name a few. This year, we have decided to shift focus to solo exhibitions in order to provide a more complete "first show” experience for the artist and gallery customers alike - shining a light on the artist and their materials, processes, concepts and inspirations. The one exception is the upcoming show Graphis - a group exhibition focused on the amazing graphic design of some of Ottawa’s newly minted design pros. As a designer myself this is a show near and dear to my heart.

I would like to thank you all for your interest in, and support of Studio Sixty Six and our growing roster of talented artists. You are directly contributing to help the Ottawa cultural landscape grow and evolve - and to making our great city an even better place to call home.
Carrie Colton | Gallery Director

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