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Troy Moth, Nature Merchant 1

The Troy and Yvonne balancing act

Looking at the world is quite an over-whelming experience. There are moments where the grandeur of it amazes us. Yet again there are moments where the hugeness of it takes our breath away. The idea of the little person versus the enormity of nature, change and time will never cease to preoccupy us. Whenever we try to understand the world, we get taken aback by its multiplicity and its' quantity. 

To be curious about the world is human, To care for the world and to be affected by its's changes seems logical.

To be comfortable with its' instability is unusual, to be obsessed produces wonders.  

Swarms Yvonne Wiegers


Yvonne Wiegers, Swarms

Troy Moth and Yvonne Wiegers are artists whose works center around the instability of the world and its' environment. They are paired in a exhibition to show two perspectives of the same spectrum.

Merchant 1, Troy Moth

Troy Moth, Merchant 1

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