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Allyson Rousseau  

Allyson Rousseau

Allyson Rousseau is a Fibre Artist born and based out of Montréal, QC. 
With a degree in fine arts (2014) from the University of Guelph, Allyson has studied and worked with a wide range of media including specialized training in woodworking and welding. It wasn't until her final year of study that she began to teach herself how to weave, and newly discover and develop an interest in the juxtaposition of traditionally woven textiles, and contemporary woven art. 
Allyson has since turned her research and interest into a full-time artistic practice, creating work for clients across the globe. The list of the countries wherein Allyson's work resides includes: Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Norway, and the United States. 
Artist Statement 
Allyson would describe her work as being sophisticated in technical refinement, and playful in design and palette. 
Her recent body of work explores colour and their relationships to one another, by using various self-taught colour blending and pairing techniques. 
She is pushed forward in her practice by the excitement of what she has yet to learn in her craft, and is dedicated to contributing her unique perspective and style of work to the [current] history of contemporary fibre art. 
Fruit Salad
Three Pinks
Eleven Yellows
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Colour Necklace
Original Woven Necklace