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Allyson Rousseau  

Allyson Rousseau

Allyson Rousseau, born 1993, is a Montreal-based fibre artist creating woven works of art made to hang on a wall. Rousseau studied studio art at the University of Guelph, with a focus in drawing and sculpture. It wasn’t until her final year of study in 2013 that she taught herself to weave. This interest began out of her curiosity and admiration for other artists working with textiles, and very quickly escalated into a daily practice that fills most of her time. Three years later, Rousseau has now created close to 200 custom pieces for homes in Canada, the US, Australia, France, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK. She thoroughly enjoys collaborating with clients on new ideas, and designing pieces that will suit a particular space or aesthetic.


Artist Statement

Traditionally, the craft of weaving began as a method of textile production to produce fabrics and cloths for a variety of functional purposes. While this is still the case today, weaving is also appreciated for its use in story telling as well as decorative work not unlike my own. The body of work that I have created for this exhibition Unholy Objects aims to highlight the untraditional aspects of weaving.

The work has no intended functional purpose other than to present an opportunity for visual appreciation. And I find that this elevates each object into something that can absorb any meaning from the viewer. As someone who does not self-identify with any religion, I have considered the terms ‘Holy’ and ‘Unholy’ in an unconventional way: through the use of my colour palette. When I think of what ‘Holy’ means to me, I think of something that is precious and pure, and with that, I associate gold and white. As for the work that is woven with a black base…well those are a little bit “Unholy”.

Woven Necklace I
Woven Necklace II
Woven Necklace III