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Amanda Boulos  

Amanda Boulos

Amanda Boulos (Toronto) received her BFA from York University working as a painter and new media artist. She received the Willowdale Group Senior Painting Award, and has shown her work at the Artist Project under the Untapped Emerging Artist section. Working with community based artists, Boulos organized multiple curatorial projects around Toronto. She also exhibited her work around the city in shows including Vs.Separate at Graven Feather, and Don’t Touch at Red Head Gallery. Currently Boulos is working on a new series of paintings and videos at 310 Spadina Studio Space.


My art practice currently discusses the fragmented and mundane history of my Lebanese-Palestinian family’s struggle growing up and leaving these countries for a better life in North America. I do not intend to mend these broken narratives, but instead explore how their deficiency speak to my practice.

The narratives I use in my paintings are directly inherited from my immediate family members, either verbally or through affective gestures. A story my mother once told me was summed up in one sentence: “The military came into our family’s home and took away my father, to a place I don’t know.”