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Amy Thompson  

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson is a Canadian visual artist based in Ottawa. She studied Fine Art at York University and graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, winning the David L Stevenson Scholarship and shortlisted for the Governor General Academic Medal.
Early in her career she began working with appropriated images, drawn to their immediacy and narrative power. Her work explores themes of memory and the natural world through the mediums of drawing, painting and collage.

“My ongoing series Monument is comprised of collage abstractions using obscured landscapes and large geometric shapes. The focus of this work is built upon historic images of nature and the landscape. The vintage images used in this work mythologize the terrain and suggest a presence that is even larger than the forms we are viewing. I disrupt these attempts to unify space and time by imposing a large void within the image. The shapes of the void—pyramids, cubes, and spheres—which can be seen as pure and irreducible, help shift the consciousness of the viewer. These levitating shapes allow the viewer to meditate both physically and metaphysically on what is, and is not missing from the scene.  In exploring our connection to these landscapes, I highlight the importance of not only protecting our natural habitats and environment, but also a way of preserving space for inner reflection.
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