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Amy Thompson  

Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson is a Canadian visual artist based in Ottawa. She grew up in Ottawa, dividing her time between the city and the surrounding Quebec landscape. She studied Fine Art at York University and graduated with Honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, winning the David L Stevenson Scholarship and shortlisted for the Governor General Academic Medal.
Early in her career she began working with appropriated images, drawn to their immediacy and narrative power. Her work explores themes of memory and the natural world through the mediums of drawing, painting and collage.
She has created public art pieces in Ottawa and Vancouver. Her work has been featured on book, magazine and album covers. She has exhibited across Canada, the US and Europe and has been acquired by art collections in Ottawa, Vancouver and Amsterdam.

Artist Statement
For over a decade my practice has focused on re-contextualizing imagery primarily from the 1940s and ‘50s through mixed media collage. Monument is comprised of collage abstractions combining obscured landscapes with geometric shapes and voids. With their technicolor palettes and sweeping panoramas the images evoke a cinematic grandeur. I disrupt these attempts to unify space and time by imposing voids in or around the image. The shapes of the voids serve as a visual cue to help shift the consciousness of the viewer, drawing them in and allowing them to meditate on what is, and is not, missing.

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