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Andrew Beck  

Andrew Beck

Born in England, Andrew Beck now lives and works in Ottawa, Canada. His passion for drawing and painting goes back as far as he can remember; this early enthusiasm for visual art has continued throughout his life. After gaining a degree in graphic design, Andrew built a successful career in that field but the urge to paint remained. He continued to develop as an artist, finally becoming full-time after emigrating to Canada in 2016. Andrew's paintings have been exhibited in galleries throughout the UK, Germany and Canada. Several of of his paintings hang in the collection of Standard Chartered Bank.

Artist Statement
The process of transforming paint into images continues to compel and challenge me. Painting fills me with a sense of well-being and humility, and has proven to be a satisfying way for me to translate my visual ideas into a physical reality. I work deliberately, employing a wide variety of mark-making techniques to apply and remove paint all the while allowing the uncertain nature of painting to take prominence over achieving realism. I’ve always been interested in architecture; the strong spatial relationships created by modernist buildings from the second half of the 20th century are an important element in many of my paintings. I'm also fond of the rich, saturated appearance of certain photographs and films of that era. My paintings are finished when they are able to convey a moment or sensation of uncertainty, remoteness or a feeling that something is out of place.

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