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Angelina McCormick  

Angelina McCormick

Canadian visual artist - Angelina McCormick - works primarily in the medium of photography. Her art practice is preoccupied by questions of identity, vulnerability of the self and the permanency of the photographic image. Angelina makes use of historic and modern photographic processes, in order to explore these questions. She has exhibited internationally and has many pieces in private collections. Having just concluded an Artist in Residency at Ottawa School of Art, Angelina has decided to take her next step. She will be attending the Masters’ Program in Visual Arts at Ottawa University this fall.

Artist Statement
Art is dependent on contradictions.
It lives in our responses, in our interpretations and in our understanding. To give meaning to my art, I must first reach within myself, reconcile my conflicts and my desires and then express my emotions through my photographs.
Ultimately - myself - coexists in my photographs.

Italia No.2
Italia No. 1
Italia No.3
Italia No.4
Italia No.5
Italia No.6
Chemigram Landscape No.2
Chemigram Landscape No.1
Chemigram Landscape No.4
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