Studio Sixty Six
Anna Griffiths  

Anna Griffiths

Anna is a self-taught visual artist based in Ottawa. Anna earned a Master’s degree in English Literature from Concordia University (Montréal), after which she moved to a small island on the Seto Sea in Japan. During the two years she spent living in this orange-farming community and traveling around the region, she became very attracted to the humour and ironies of Asian Pop cultures, as well as the paradoxes that define Japanese society--preservation and destruction, freedom and control, tradition and modernity--all of which inform her art practice.

Artist Statement

I like to create readable pictures with multiple layers of narrative. Among the themes I explore in my work are gender imbalances, regeneration and degeneration, and the often uneasy concurrence of alienation and self-possession that shapes our inner landscapes and external presentation. My current practice generally involves a process of collage. I bring together separately developed drawings, paintings and photographs on the computer to create digital originals.

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