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Anna Griffiths  

Anna Griffiths

Anna Griffiths is a contemporary artist working in digital and traditional forms living in Ottawa. An early dance career lead to late university studies, a Master’s degree in English literature, two years teaching in Japan and a career in communications. Growing from childhood was also extensive self-directed art-making that eventually became a consistent practice and the focused outlet for her creative compulsions. During the two years she spent living in Japan, she was drawn to the humour and ironies of East Asian pop cultures, as well as the ideological tension that particularly defines Japan’s cultural paradoxes—between preservation and destruction, creative abandon and restraint, conformity and resistance—all of which inform her art practice today.

Artist Statement
I use various media and approaches to explore themes like gender biases, regeneration and degeneration, and the often uneasy coincidence of alienation and self-possession that shapes our inner landscapes and external presentation. While my imagery is representational and imbued with personal narrative, I try to highlight the fragility of literal interpretation and universal questions about the human condition and deriving meaning from polarization. I’m really drawn to the concepts behind collage. Recontextualization offers so many options for cross-fertilization, unexpected turns of meaning, and harmonizing the chaos without neutralizing contradiction. Besides mainstream gender stereotypes, I like to mash up realism and illusion, conscious and subconscious expression, and playful imagery as antithesis to serious consideration and critical thinking. ​

Midnight in Calabogie
Bubble Unburst
En Route
Power Pose
Pressure Drop
Done with the Compass
Safety First
Dance Party