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Barry Pottle  

Barry Pottle

Barry Pottle is an emerging Inuk artist from Nunatsiavut in Labrador (Rigolet), now living in Ottawa. He has worked in and with the Ontario Aboriginal arts community for many years. Barry has always been interested in photography and recently he has become interested in this medium as an artistic expression and as a way of exploring the world around him. With a degree in Aboriginal Studies from Carleton University through the Interdisciplinary Institute, Barry is able to fuse Inuit Culture, traditions and experiences with Art History to create Contemporary Urban Inuit art Photography.



My images highlight some of the topics/issues I have thought about as an artist over the past several years--not only from an urban Inuit perspective, but those of the larger Canada public, from climate change or recent events that drew masses of people and interest to the United States’ presidential election campaign and results. As an urban Inuk, I want to point to the fact that Inuit are engaged (or not) in these and other contemporary issues and events and that as citizens of Canada we want to ensure we do our part. As an individual, it is through the camera’s lens that I try to do my part to ensure we are not overlooked or forgotten, and that whatever is happening in the North or South that we, as Indigenous peoples, do have valuable insight and can add to the discourse or possible solutions.

Creeping South
Ice Support
Unstable (Trumped)