Studio Sixty Six
Ben van Duyvendyk  

Ben van Duyvendyk

Ben van Duyvendyk was raised in a burned down swamp along with sheep and earthbound fowl.

He frequented guidance counselor offices for what he drew in the margins of his notebooks. Since then he's done graphic design work for the federal government, Drawn & Quarterly publishing, countless album covers, gig posters, and horrible guest vocals for the denizens of the local music scene. He sketches compulsively, paints occasionally, and is irresistibly drawn to new methods of expressing ideas visually so he can do away with speaking altogether.

Currently he's delving further into the photographic with video work on the way, vainly taking a stab at a short graphic novel, and undertaking a gauntlet of collaborative work with local and not so local artists, musicians and writers.

Leonard Cohen continues to ignore his calls.