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Brendan A. de Montigny

Brendan A. de Montigny uses painting, drawing, and installation to consider how the technological utopianism of the 20th and 21st centuries influences our lives. He is interested in the questions: What are the intended uses of different technologies? What happens when their unique instructions are reconfigured? How do we care for and maintain these objects in their reconfiguration?

Through an artistic lens influenced by pulp science-fiction and punk-hardcore, he uses visual motifs found in the illustrations of assembly, model kits, and installation and care manuals. These motifs are collaged, layered, and repeated to create representational drawings that are pulled apart to inform the abstract low relief paintings.

Brendan A. de Montigny is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural connector, and curator. He holds an MFA from uOttawa, a BFA from Concordia University, and a DEC from Heritage College. De Montigny has exhibited drawings, performances, and installations in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and New York state, including Ottawa City Hall Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Ontario, NXNE, and Todmorden Mills Museum. He co-founded and directed the Ottawa art gallery PDA Projects from 2014-2018. He was a finalist for the 2019 RBC Emerging Artist Award. Since 2011, he has lived in Hull, Gatineau, Quebec.

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