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Bruno Gervais  

Bruno Gervais

A native of Ottawa, Bruno Gervais is a graduate of Industrial Engineering from Algonquin College. During the last 5 years, he has embarked on a quest to create art within the 3D environment via the computer, where he quickly learned that his creations could be printed with that technology.

What emerged was the need to create exquisite geometry and visually appealing creation with an abundance of usefulness. Unique geometry and designs can be accomplished with the process of 3D printing.

Some of Gervais' past work includes video game designs, fractals and photography.

Ball Joint Earrings
Constellation earrings
Gear earrings
Gear Necklace
Geometric earrings
Geometric Necklace
Heart earrings
Maze Earrings
Perfume with Container
Space earrings