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Chelsea Jodoin  

Chelsea Jodoin

Chelsea Jodoin is an Ottawa based artist and recent graduate from the University of Ottawa’s Visual Arts Department.  For four years she worked towards creating a cohesive body of work, combining her two passions: abstraction and figuration. She currently has work in Paradigm[e]: The Dean’s Gallery at the University of Ottawa.


Chelsea Jodoin’s work explores the limitations of abstraction and figuration. By skewing environments that exists or inventing ones that do not, she is able to create strange narratives that draw her viewer into the work. By amalgamating several different strokes, hard edged, thickly painted, and transparent, she is able to both narrow and broaden her network of visual language. The choosing of her subject is often idiosyncratic and her method of transitioning from two methods of working presents her with two imaginary alternatives. Her paintings can be interpreted as intuitive and lyrical. Her brushstrokes become verses, rhymes and choruses that probe illusion and tempt the viewer to create their own interpretations.