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claudia gutierrez  

claudia gutierrez

Claudia Gutierrez is a Latin-Canadian artist living in Ottawa, Canada. Her studies specialized in painting and printmaking, recently informing her exploration of textile work after completing two residencies in Ottawa, Canada and Oaxaca, Mexico. She has been an active advocate and cultural worker for the local arts community for the past decade.

Claudia Gutierrez’s practice engages in textile, printmaking, and painting mediums. By utilizing her training in embroidery, hand dying and printmaking, Gutierrez imbues a sense of methodical mark-making, repetitive and meditative contrasting her process which is often reliant on chance and improvisation. Referencing the gentrification of craft, graffiti, or "low-brow" art, she contradicts their nature by stretching, mounting and framing pieces, stripping away their utility and tactility. In doing so, they are rendered untouchable and examinable at a distance by its viewer. These shifts in the role and meaning of objects and visual references represent the movement between known and unknown, oddity and banality, dark and light, masculine and feminine until what is left is a new form entirely – a form born from the journey of those shifts. New forms tethered by past follies, ritual, communion, heritage, and memories.
Serape II
Honey Dipped
Lengua Pillow
Scribe Cojín
Luna de miel
Serapita De Miel
Manta Sketch V
Manta Sketch II
Serapita (Serape Study)
Manta IV
Manta Y Muro III