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Constructed Recollection

Leslie Hossack
August 18 to September 24, 2023

"This work explores the premise that colour is autobiographical. These images present a colour-coded record of my childhood, as unique as my physical DNA. I learned about colours through concrete objects: crayons, clothes and so on. This series was inspired by early memories of the 1950s, an analogue world. By contrast, the creation of this collection was completely digital. The palette that I created for this collection of prints is deeply rooted in the colours of 1950s, colours that defined a decade and shaped a generation. For each “constructed recollection,” I mixed custom colours to which I assigned unique names. My personal palette consists of the 80 colours seen here. I recorded each individualized name and sRGB value, thus providing an indexed colour chart of my early years. This colour-coded record of my childhood is as unique and indelible as my physical DNA."