Studio Sixty Six
Dante Penman  

Dante Penman

Dante Penman's artistic practices are rooted in Modernist principles, where a particular practice will often determine the area of Modernism he will consult for a project. Penman's printmaking allows him to delve into Cubism and its spin-off movements, and German Expressionism, where he can simplify and study the line, and the impact of black against white.

Artist Statement

In Kafka’s The Castle (1926), there are overarching themes of paranoia, alienation and frustration throughout the whole story, antagonized by the mystery that shrouds the titular castle and its employees. The Castle was the window through which I began to see ways to incorporate some negative emotions into my work, and to see the beauty and potential in them. It has continued to be a big source of creative inspiration for me, from the emotion in a portrait and the way I look at certain styles of architecture, to my own writing.


Castle Bureaucracy
Land Surveyor
Castle Walls
Gerstäcker’s Mother
A Mountain Walked
Barnabas Marsh and the Gilmen