Studio Sixty Six
Delphine Sullivan  

Delphine Sullivan

Delphine Sullivan is a printmaker and painter based out of Ottawa, and a recent graduate of the Fine Arts Diploma program at the Ottawa School of Art. Her work in both woodcut and linocut has been recognized with scholarships, including the Leonard Gerbrandt Printmaking Scholarship. Her work explores psychological themes and is largely inspired by ordinary occurrences in everyday life.

Artist Statement

In this body of work, my goal was to translate the split-second moment of encounter when we are faced with a new acquaintance. By creating portraits in stark black and white, and by removing the connection of the subject’s gaze, I force the simplified reaction we receive as a first impression. Each piece is a diptych, accompanied by an artifact from the subject’s daily life in order to breach the superficial, and encourage the viewer to consider the portrait on a more complex level.


Identity II
Artifact II
Identity I
Artifact I
Identity III
Artifact III
Identity IV
Artifact IV
Identity V
Artifact V