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Double Flame

If you are interested in a piece that is already sold in this collection, please ask about a similar commissioned work from Claudia.

At first glance, these high-contrast, horizontal woven bands read like forms of code -- the dot and dash of a morse transmission, or the zeros and ones from digital programming. Almost like the ticker line that runs incessantly during a news broadcast, these works vibrate with a continual sense of urgent motion.
Their frenzied message is, however, interrupted mid-delivery. Tangles and tethers of winding wool break the linear reading of this message and it is here that the artist interweaves a more personal narrative. Referencing ancient Peruvian traditions of Quipu - data records made by encoding information into precise knotted cords of cotton and camel hair - Gutierrez combines these historic techniques with materials that are exceptionally intimate: wool from Mexico is wrapped reverently around the bedsheets belonging to herself and her partner to create many of these works.

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