Studio Sixty Six
Eryn O'Neill (DP)  

Eryn O'Neill (DP)

Eryn O’Neill is a full time practicing artist in Ottawa, ON. Eryn graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design (NSCAD University) in 2008 with a BFA, and has been practicing full time in Ottawa as a visual artist since 2009.
Her work has shown in several galleries throughout Ottawa, including Dale Smith Gallery, Galerie St-Laurent + Hill and Orange Art Gallery. Eryn has been a regular at art fairs in Ottawa and Toronto for the past several years, including The New Art Festival (Ottawa), Ottawa Art Expo, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (TOAE) and The Artist Project (TAP).
Eryn O’Neill is an MFA candidate at the University of Waterloo 2016-2018.


My work focuses on my surroundings, which has included urban architecture and my physical studio space. I challenge the viewer’s perception of these spaces by removing them from their context and attempting to capture an unexpected perspective on a familiar environment.
Over the last few years I have introduced more abstraction into my representational painting. I have used various devices to achieve this, including the composition and isolation of the subject in some pieces, and reflective surfaces in others. I have moved away from static reproductions of spaces, and toward a more visually dynamic experience. The viewer is confronted with tension from the contrast of abstraction and representation.
In my most recent work, I have chosen sites that have made a conscious effort to incorporate a relationship with nature into urban spaces. These spaces offer a visual balance between the manufactured landscape and the natural environment, and between unlikely combinations of shapes, forms and materials. Nature is determined to reclaim the land from manmade structures, which provides tension in the scenes. I tried to emphasize this balance with creative perspectives that capture the intersection of these two themes.