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Gabrielle Hoover  

Gabrielle Hoover

Gabrielle Hoover is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate based out of Ottawa, Canada. She is a recipient of the Edmund and Isobel Ryan Visual Arts Scholarship in photography. Gabrielle has recently exhibited her work in the University of Ottawa’s undergraduate exhibition Preface, and in various group shows at Gallery 115 at the University of Ottawa.


Through personal and material exploration, my work identifies issues of space and reality, and how illusion can change these perceptions. Mirrors have become an obsession, and continuously inspire my concepts and compositions. Like our dreams, the reflective surface of the mirror shows us a space that we can see and understand, but which is not physically attainable. This is a probing thought that has greatly influenced my way of thinking and has introduced different processes into my practice.

Hologram #2
Hologram #3
Hologram #1
Reflective Space #2
Reflective Space #3
Reflective Space #5
Reflective Space #7
Reflective Space #6