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Jim Des Rivières

Jim is a photographer and fine art printer. His stunning moth images are produced digitally at all stages. The images are captured directly with high-resolution flatbed scanners, and printed on large format archival pigment-based inkjet printers. A feature exhibition of 45 large format moth prints was first shown at Ottawa’s Canadian Museum of Nature in 2010 and is currently touring nature museums in cities across Canada and the U.S., including New York City, Edmonton, and Saint John.

Portrait by Dante Penman


A common theme in Jim's photography is connecting the viewer with the beauty that is all around us if we only get a chance to look closely. Moths are a common part of our natural environment, but their nocturnal habits means that they seldom come to our attention. Even when we do see them, their small size and our modest eyesight means that we don’t really get to see them up close. The large high-resolution prints Jim makes allow the viewer to see them up close without a magnifying glass. This opens up a marvelous world of intricate shapes, structures, and colours that surprise and delight viewers of all ages.

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