Studio Sixty Six

Automeris io

Pigment ink photographic print on matte archival quality paper
Print: 10 x 15in. / 25.4cm x 38.01cm
Paper: 13 x 19in. / 33.02cm x 48.26cm

Artist's Insight
Common name: Io moth (male), Latin Species name: Automeris io

Collected in Crosby, Ontario on June 7, 2007

During the daytime, the Io Moth (Automeris io) remains motionless and mimics the dead yellow leaves that are common in forests. When threatened, it flips its forewings forward exposing the large eyespots on the hind wings which have white highlights resembling the glint of vertebrate eyes. Large eyespots in butterflies have been shown to startle predatory birds.

This moth has a wingspread of 64 mm.