Studio Sixty Six
Jordan Clayton  

Jordan Clayton

Jordan Clayton is a young artist who specializes in painting and drawing. His most recent group show, Portal of Enigma, was held at Agora Gallery in the Chelsea art district of New York City.

The current objective of his work is to monumentalize the microscopic by representing the processes and growth of organisms whose existence are invisible to the naked eye. He has previously researched the kinetics of HIV but his practice has since broadened to research the tension between growth and decay between object and substrate.  He disregards accuracy to allow himself to paint luscious glazes of colour that evoke a sense of familiarity while still reading as abstract painting technique.


My current body of work operates as a visual quantification, wherein I use painting and drawing as a means to record and present raw data collected from observation. I use abstraction as a way to represent the phenomena of growth as a quantum process: my bacterial colonies could, in theory be in any state of growth or size but are infinitely indeterminate until observed on a microscopic scale. The samples I am currently working with are mostly harmless, and are collected from my own body.  This eliminates my need for lab access and establishes a more personal relationship between myself and the work.


Periodontitis: S. Mutans
Formic Conjugation
Jacob's Ladder
The Beacon
Ophiocordyceps Unilateralis Var. Homo.
Toxoplasmic Encephalitis
Bifurcated Neuron Network
A Matter of Perspective
An Enzymatic Deadlock Breeds Enigmatic Vitriol
Duodenal Veiling of Time That Never Happened
Stage IV
A Surgery to Fix What is Not Broken
Polycubic Polysaccharide