Studio Sixty Six
Jordan Clayton  

Jordan Clayton

Jordan Clayton is an award-winning artist who specializes in painting and drawing.  His work has been exhibited internationally from the very start of his practice and now belongs in several private collections.

The current objective of his work is to monumentalize the unseen and the unnoticed by exploring the processes and growth of organisms, objects, and ephemera whose existences may or may not exist to the naked eye.  He is interested in restructuring narratives that intersect between art, science, fiction, and queerness in a melange that forecasts a reality only a few degrees separated from the present.  His painted “worlds” employ techniques rooted in abstract and surrealist painting tropes, creating imagery that feels familiar, yet still boarders on the fantastical.

An Enzymatic Deadlock Breeds Enigmatic Vitriol
A Matter of Perspective
A Surgery to Fix What is Not Broken
Duodenal Veiling of Time That Never Happened
Formic Conjugation
Periodontitis: S. Mutans
Stage IV
Interstellar Bathhouse
Phlogiston in the Crispr
Knee Deep in the Hoopla, Better Flush the Recycle Bin
I and the Moth
Plugged into the Teraflop Tussle
Lament for an Accidental Tesseract
Hyde and Seek
Life of a Photon
The Cold Mother
False Promises
Amor Fati
Almost a Painting of Flowers, But not Quite
Edible Arrangement for Francis Bacon