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Julia Campisi

Julia Campisi’s practice is based on appropriating and reimagining feminine imagery. She transmutes her subject matters from complicated sexualized images into simplistic, overlooked by-products history has memorialized and established as female - an oyster, a flirtatious gesture, a knitted blanket. Campisi is constantly responding to the social and ideological attitude of appropriated images by exploring their temporal and spatial boundaries, reconfiguring the relationships between objects and gestures, and finally, relating the intimacy and allegory of the original images back to the landscape. What emerges is a multivalent narrative that considers objects as artifacts and unearths the complex archeology that tethers them together. She brings these elusive objects, findings, and ideas together to embody an untangled, boundless reading of femininity. Each object and image no longer attached to the habits of time, form, or material.

Julia Campisi is a Toronto-based artist. She completed her BFA at Ryerson University and an HBA from McMaster University. Campisi has exhibited with Gallery 44 and Lonsdale Gallery in Toronto, Studio 66 in Ottawa, Ground Floor Gallery in Brooklyn, among many others. Her photographs have been published by New York Magazine, Junior High Magazine in Los Angeles, and her written articles have been published by CBC Arts, The Artist, and Viewer in Toronto. Her work can be found in private and public collections including the Ottawa Art Gallery and Bisha Hotel. Currently, she is completing an artist residency at SPAO.

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