Studio Sixty Six
Julia Campisi  

Julia Campisi

Julia Campisi is a photo-based artist living in Toronto. She draws her inspiration from photo collections, history and analogue techniques. Her hand-made collages are derivative in nature and intends to question our visual culture. By using found images she creates a new expression onto the original. The gesture of extrapolation highlights the inconsequentiality of the original image. The work is meant to accomplish a transformative effect with the use of minimal interference of added material to the original. Julia first graduated from McMaster University with Honours in Political Science and has recently graduated with a B.F.A. from Ryerson University. Her photographs and collages have been exhibited, commissioned and acquired in both private and public spaces.

Artist Statement
In my practice, I take imagery and objects from one historical context and reorient them to create insight into another. Meanings change as values and visual systems play out in cultural and social dynamics. My most recent work explores the notion of woman. I take, cut and dismantle sexualized images of women, put them back together, where the linear cuts create a distorted figure that mutates the viewers gaze. The images transform into this interplay between the performance of femininity and cultural norms. Through this transformation, the autonomy of the female form destabilizes the construction of identity and the commodification of beauty. The flowers incorporated represent the uncertainty of the future, the return to affection and the desire for a new beginning. I extend the collage in this way to create a new figure of representation.
Three "Critics of Complacency: Diane Arbus"
Six "Morris Engel"
Seventeen "Simone in the park, 1913"
Nineteen "Mario Giacomelli, 1965"
Twenty One "Ray K. Metzker: Juniper Street"
Twenty Two
Twenty Three
Twenty Four
Twenty Five
Twenty Seven
Twenty Nine
Thirty Two"Critics of Complacency: Lee Friedlander"
Thirty One "Emmet Gowin, 1966"
Thirty Three "Donald Blumberg and Charles Gill, 1966"
Thomas Ruff - Portrait 1987
Edward Weston - Nude on Sand
Untitled Woman with Mouth, Hand and Chest
Untitled Woman with Back, Leather, Red Hair
Untitled Body Vases with Paper Flowers
Untitled Woman w/ Books
Untitled Woman w/ Coffee cup
Untitled Woman w/ Red shoes