Studio Sixty Six
Kathryn Shriver  

Kathryn Shriver

Kathryn Shriver is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in drawing, beading, and video. She has a BA from Wells College and is an MFA candidate in the Painting and Drawing department at Concordia University in Montreal. She has also studied in New York and Paris and has shown work in several spaces across the United States and Canada.



Artist Statement

I am interested in non-fixity—the dissonance of contradiction, the activity of the unsettled, the slipperiness of the unnamed. The history of beads and beadwork is heavy with instances of transformation, contradiction, and transition, and puts non-fiction and non-fixion to work together. Linked with histories of colonialism, femininity, labor, and craft, beads upset dynamics of power, identity, value, and taste. They slide in and out of positive and negative associations, at once cheapening and elevating, acting as both critical signifiers and rebellious agents of play. Applied to an existing object, beads mist over their foundation while still relying on and referring back to it; woven, they arrange neatly into a grid, but a grid that sags and teases its Modernist associations. This constant slippage and transformational tendency of beads allows for works that have a vibratory self-consciousness: Ambiguous in their relationship to their own form, they alternate between hesitantly accepting and defiantly evading defiantly evading their proximity to painting, sculpture and craft. Heavy and irregular, they flop and embarrass their gridded structure and tedious, delicate conception, disturbing and resisting themselves. Wandering along (and between) multiple lines of possibility, they enact non-fixity without denying or ducking material specificity, transforming without transcending.
Babes need angels in this city, but who can tell who's who?
Untitled (a terrible collapse)
Preserving the fold I
Panic struck at the athenaeum; I ripped out pages from every book and shoved them down my throat
But most of all, I will not die.