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Krystle Retieffe  

Krystle Retieffe

Krystle Retieffe is a Mi'kmaq artist from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. After studying at Dalhousie University, she forged a finance career in Toronto and returned home to focus on her community, culture and art. Krystle's work is acrylic on canvas and mixed media, capturing the rich spirituality and traditional practice of story-telling. She is also the Keeper of the Drum for the Women of the Shore.



I am a teller of stories, shining my light into the darkness, hoping to define that which cannot be known. I see my art as a form of identity expression; a self-portraiture bringing together culture and spirituality.

There is a sense of freedom I achieve during the creative process that breathes life into my cultural experience, my spirituality and, thus, myself. The use of bold colour, spiritual symbolism and sweeping lines brings me much joy. Each piece reflects my feelings from the moment my brush first strokes the canvas. As each new vision begins the transition to the physical, I am taken away by the whole process: as if to say that the piece acquires a life of its own, guiding my hand to reveal its shape.

I hope to open a portal for you to other-worldly realms transporting you to a place only your imagination can carry you. Like much in life, some of the creations may be more difficult to appreciate than others. There is a strong sense of fulfillment for me when my art stirs one’s emotions; as if the investment of myself into the art is rewarding me for connecting with another. While my aim is to provide pleasure for your soul and reawaken a sense of magic, remember that we are the gatekeepers of our own freedom.

I look to help you reconnect with and celebrate the magic in your lives. So, here I am, dancing on my societal box, shining my light wherever there is darkness. I hope you find something that speaks to you.

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