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Laurence Finet  

Laurence Finet

Laurence Finet (Mons, Belgium, 1976) graduated in the Fine Arts Diploma program at the Ottawa School of Art in June 2018. In 2014, she decided to concentrate on the development of her artistic practice. She has participated in various group and solo exhibitions. Her work has been recognized by several awards of excellence including scholarships from the Ottawa School of Art along with prizes outside of the school. She currently resides and works in Chelsea, Quebec.

Laurence's work can be interpreted as a playful exploration, bringing about works fully integrated with a process that convey an idea and its range of emotions in a poetic and unexpected way.

Artist Insight
Increasingly, we become disconnected to nature and more dependent on technology. Technology is turning into a part of us; we are becoming technology as it is changing our minds and bodies. By exploring the ideas of cyborg sensuality (or sexuality) and creativity, I strive to uncover fragments of what makes us human. 
Artist C.V.

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Essence I, v.e. 2
Essence I, v.e. 9
Essence I, v.e. 15
Refuge V, v.e. 4/5
Refuge V, v.e. 5/10
Refuge V, v.e. 6/10
Remedy to Harmony I
Remedy to Harmony V
Remedy to Harmony VI
Alive - Vivant
Sacred - Sacré
Connivence - Connivance
Absolute II - Absolu II