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Lisa Terry  

Lisa Terry

Lisa Terry is a multi media artist residing in Toronto, exploring everything from wood and concrete, to fibre arts. Born in Calgary, Alberta to a family of artists and creatives, being crafty was second nature to her and always encouraged. 
Working with her hands and having a busy mind led her to first pursue fashion design and pattern drafting in Toronto at George Brown College, where she was able to explore other passions such as photography, graphic design and textiles. 
Lisa's work has been featured in Style at Home magazine and Chatelaine, and is sold in stores around Ontario. 


As a young artist, Lisa explored many different mediums and styles of art, however it was her discovery of macrame that pushed her work into new directions and sparked the latest stage of her evolution as an artist. Having a love for vintage home decor and DIY led her to start making pieces and develop her own unique style of knot work. While remaining true to its traditional roots, Lisa's work is created in the moment, rather than from a pattern, allowing the material to guide her in an original way that she feels is the ultimate expression of her work. 
Adding exotic wood elements to her fibre art inspired her to research other materials to incorporate into her work. Concrete is the latest addition, harmonizing form with function, while exploring colour patterns and the feelings they evoke. Every pattern, every line, every spot, relays a different emotion.
Portions of the proceeds from her sales go to Red Door Shelter in Toronto, Ontario. 
Medium pot I
Incense Holder
Bowl I
Medium pot II
Small pot II
Small pot I
Small tealight holder II
Small tealight holder I
Low tealight holder II
Low tealight holder I