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Long Division

In Long Division, Ottawa-area artist Norman Takeuchi reflects on how divided the world may feel, whether by time, space, or understanding. Although the past few years have been difficult and have in many ways highlighted and exacerbated ongoing inequities and structural issues, Takeuchi’s new series offers us a calming respite from the challenges of everyday life while reflecting on the complex and rich history of Japanese Canadians on this land. Takeuchi’s Long Division asks us to move forward with hope despite the ongoing and systemic problems impacting the world. 

The series with the same title as the exhibition features Takeuchi’s iconic painterly style, combining figurative imagery with flowing and fragmented abstract forms. A series of nine diptychs highlight the ongoing evolution of Takeuchi’s practice, bringing together a personal and communal past with an unformed future in the process of becoming. Displayed with an intentional seven-inch gap between each pair, the left canvas of each diptych is infused with Takeuchi’s familial memories, oftentimes memories that evoke sadness, whereas the canvas on the right features abstraction that accentuates both feelings of confusion about an uncertain identity and a spirit determined to continue moving forward. 

— excerpt by Emily Putnam, Curator 

Long Division is on view at the Karsh-Masson Gallery in Ottawa City Hall until November 4, 2022. Click here for details.

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