Studio Sixty Six
Lori Brethour Coulter  

Lori Brethour Coulter


Originally from Toronto Lori has been involved in mixed media art making for over 30 years. Having her worked in various private collections in Canada, France, United States and the UK, her work has been exhibited at venues in Ottawa such as Atrium Gallery, Canadian Museum of Nature, The National Arts Centre, Library Archives Canada, Dale Smith Gallery, Gallery four seven nine, Gallery 200, Ottawa Art Gallery fund raiser and Alpha Gallery. Lori has also run an artist coop, and been a resident artist at the School of Dance in Ottawa.


I engaged in art to explore the duality of human experience,looking at themes of longing and loss, strength and fragility, loneliness and inclusivity.. My work is a bow to women's creativity that has historically been neglected, delegated a booth at the country fair. My intent is to address the quilter, the weaver, the knitter, and the seamstress. I take the essence of their work out of the home and weave it into a contemporary context.

My work considers the interplay between disparate objects that form both my palette and aesthetic. The materials I work with include hand made paper castings,Japanese papers,metals, bone, wax, old bottles and photographs, as well as artifacts from nature and the home.I present what has been discarded in a new light, giving voice to hidden histories.

Works delve into the shifting shades of memory, mining the past to inform the present. Titles act as an entrance way into each individual work.

My need is to create through my hands, nourish others through their eyes and have this voice carried through my work.

Who is she?
Yesterday's horizon
we try to believe we can be solidarity...but we fall into the flood and melt and blend with other droplets in an indistinguishable sea
Three Bags Full
The Broken Chalice
She walked on earth but once
She is like Merchant Ships
Fleece and Skein
Anthology of Unspoken Words