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Marisa Gallemit  

Marisa Gallemit

Marisa Gallemit is an Ottawa­-based visual artist whose practice spans sculpture, assemblage, site-­specific installation and storytelling. After studying film at Carleton University (Ottawa) and the New York Film Academy (NYC), her focus shifted to three­-dimensional works, concentrating on organic forms and textures. She aspires to make monuments to our collective and subtle human experiences.

Inspired by the notion that every object carries its own history and energy, her selection process of materials for the work is paramount. Found objects and discarded artifacts are favoured as much for their visual markings of time and wear as for their symbolic significance; as souvenirs from a particular time period or fossils of a lived, emotionally-charged experience.

Gallemit tells stories by manipulating, deconstructing and distorting objects into sculptural compositions. The predominant narrative in her work is the odyssey of human emotion, and the goal of each reconciled assemblage is to pose the questions and reveal the answers in equal measure: Where are we from? Where are we going? 

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